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So Few.. EP

Inspired (yet again) by Winston Churchill, the title for my next EP has been a bit of a head scratcher. I am literally throwing trax together and seeing how they pan out. I am finding this more experimental approach is opening up more ideas and not limiting me into what I want to do as in the past I have ‘boxed’ myself into corners before and found it difficult to get out and either ‘made do’ or completely abandoned the project. This way I am finding more fun and exciting. Working with samples, especially recycling from other songs faces bigger challenges than I originally thought, but this then brings bigger rewards when you get it right.

Since my inspiration and general musical interest is so varied I have tried to not tie myself to any particular style, like before but inevitably it does all come back to the same thing….it is electronic music and no matter what you do it will always have a house theme, trance theme, drum and bass theme, techno theme or even just general dance.

Triumph LP

Planned for release on my 42nd birthday on December 3rd 2021, ‘Triumph’ will be a collection of chosen remastered songs from my past library going back to my emil109 days. Also be remixing some more recent songs and of cause a couple of new ones too.