Rocking my Nura G2 phones

Wednesday 11 September 2019

After a holiday in Cornwall and returning to routine I have got back into working on the EP. Been listening to the four tracks quite a lot to get an idea of how they work and generally feel. I am pleased with how they sound. The last two tracks ‘Out of the Radar’ and ‘Lonely’ still need some work. I have fallen in love with ‘Lonely‘ and cannot stop listening to it. Did some work a few days ago where I have started to introduce samples from Duran Duran’s ‘Lonely in Your Nightmare’. They go in quite well but still need some work, perhaps some vocoder and filter/modulation should help them blend better with the track ready for the mixing stage. The Output Arcade plugin instruments I am using in the track also need a revisit because at present I have only lazily introduced them as background melody when they could in fact play a more pinnacle role in the song.

Monday 12 August 2019

I decided I would revisit the mastering of ‘His Indoors’ & ‘Masters of Our Fate’ and I am very pleased that I did. I created a new set of stems from each song from scratch and used an EQ match from The Prodigy ‘Firestarter’ which fitted nicely on ‘His Indoors‘ as it has some hard deep beats and lots of continuous LFE. I also switched off the LF elements I originally had set on the Tokyo Dawn Labs Slick EQ (which is brilliant by the way) relying only on some subtle mid and HF adjustments. Masters of Our Fate first master was suffering from too much high end off the speech sample and also the beat did not feel punchey enough so required to do a new mix. The new mix is an improvement, just need to nail the master now.

Wednesday 31 July 2019

Starting working on another song for my new EP. I took a sample from the Simple Minds track Love Song and wow….it just went from there. Found some great Drum and bass lines, techno beats and synths and was having a ball. I have also started dabbling with Output Arcade which is a lot of fun. Let’s see how this goes. This would be the fourth song I have started for this project so far.

Saturday 27th July 2019

Woke up really early this morning, I had worked on the final mastering of His Indoors and Masters of Our Fate. His Indoors is where I need it to be now, there is still more work to the mix of MOOF and then I can crack on with the mastering.

I have had computer problems recently, won’t go into the details, but it meant I lost my plug in compatibility for my DAW. Thankfully peace has been restored, however I consequently lost some samples and some work but my grey matter is still (virtually) in tact so I can remember where and what I need again.

Plugins I have been using to help master and generally help the mix has been the Slick EQ from Tokyo Dawn Labs and also the Limiter No.6 from VladG they are both awesome and terrifying in their own little ways.

Sampling is all part and parcel of the electronic music scene, people call it stealing, I call it recycling. It has been common practice since the late eighties and has led to success to many electronic and dance acts. Not wishing to ride the ‘mainstream’ train I am exploring out of the box a bit to try and find unique samples and recordings I feel I can use in my songs. My new EP will rely on excerpts and samples from pre-recorded equipment a lot more than my previous releases, and this is the purpose as I feel more originality is coming through. I am tired of writing cheesy songs and anthemic chorus that people like to sing along to, but ultimately will never get to see me perform. So why bother? Music is my number one passion, but I also have a full time and a family so I need to be realistic about my future with this amazing hobby. At nearly 40 I am not about to give up but already feel that my music is impacting people all over the globe as my streaming stats show….that is all I want. I just thank people for ongoing support.

I sit here typing all this out on my iPad whilst listening to the Rio album by Duran Duran through my Nura G2 headphones, hey inspiration comes in all forms.