I produce music for the love of it not for the money. I am striving to be original.

Now I don’t pretend that I can sing, hope I can carry a bit of a tune, but singing is not just what my music is about. I don’t know how to write music, I can recognise some of it on sheet music and have an understanding of notes/tune and time signatures, but I do not pretend to be an expert. I am totally into the raw sound that music brings, the lyrics, the production, the mixing…mastering etc. Music has always been my childhood dream, I have never strived to be rich and/or famous, I just want to enjoy it and have been happy whilst I have it as a hobby in my life. The feeling of achievement I get when I create and finish a song knowing it was all me throughout the process, from conception, production in the demo stages, writing the lyrics, laying them down, polishing up the music, mixing, mastering and finally the release is better than money.

I have been doing music for a hobby now for nearly 20 years, taking more and more seriously as I have got older. Back in 2010 I finally released a song into the digital world under the name ‘emil109’ it came with an accompanying video and my family & friends found it most entertaining and catchy. ‘Who’s Calling?’ was a song I had written and produced from 2006 and had changed and been polished right up to the release in 2010, although ultimately not my perfect song, it was what I had with the equipment and experience I was using at the time. A year later I released ‘Stereotypes and Unbelievers’ this like ‘Who’s Calling?’ had an entertaining video and was to lead on from my debut single. I also released albums my debut one was ‘Fuel Injected’ this was an instrumental dance/house album which had been creating using basic audio workstations and equipment from as far back as 2004. Then there was ‘Live is Backwards for eviL’ which was far more original and grown up compare to ‘Fuel Injected’ however it was rushed, unpolished and showed my complete lack of experience. I still loved it and some tracks from the album are still being streamed today.

I started working on a third album which had the working title ‘Visions of Europa’ later to become ‘Analog is Infinite/Digital is Limted’ this spurned the single ‘Stereotypes & Unbelievers’ and what I was planning on being my 3rd single ‘Find a Way’. Instead the birth of my second child and my son slowed this process and ultimately changed my musical direction forever. In there interim I released ‘Fuel Injected 2015’ a new remastered version take from my debut album.

I also decided mid-2015 that I would drop my ‘emil109’ moniker and go for something more radical/fitting and more catchy. I decided on ‘All this digital n analog’ and then by complete accident when working out an acronym I realised it would be AT (80) DNA….. so 80 DNA was born…or is that reborn?

Taken from my video work of ‘Lost & Found’
Live vocals performance of Darker Days